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Franz Lambert to do three shows in England

Wersi, leading manufacturer of highly advanced organs and digital pianos Made in Germany, proudly announces the return of industry veteran Helmut Kwiczorowski. Having worked for Wersi as Sales Director in the eighties and being a passionate musician himself, Helmut is familiar with the Wersi family. “We are excited to have Helmut joining us again,” says Wersi CEO Ulrich Wildhack. “He will be a tremendous addition to our team taking over the task of re-building the international distribution for our highly acclaimed instruments based on the acknowledged Open Art System.”

As Wersi traditionally has a broad customer base in the UK, Helmut Kwiczorowski already appointed Allan Ellis of Harmony Music as new distributor for the United Kingdom. Based in Boston, Alan will be strongly assisted by Wersi in establishing customer support and service.

Master classes on Verona and Scala are planned for spring 2006, a telephone hotline will be available from March at 01205 – 355366 (UK).

Wersi will be present at the Pakefield and Blackpool festivals as well as at all major organ events troughout the UK. Franz Lambert is already looking forward to performing for his UK-fans again in spring 2006. He will do at least three big shows in England.

The launch of Wersi Prime Time Magazine marks another important step in providing Wersi players with valuable information and support. Covering all about Wersi organs, pianos and the latest OAS7 operating system, two more issues of Wersi Prime Time Magazine are scheduled for 2006.

“We are really looking forward to welcoming many visitors from the United Kingdom at our traditional Spring Festival', “ says Helmut Kwiczorowski . “All of our famous German players and some of the English Wersi endorsers will be performing.”

Helmut Kwiczorowski
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phone +49 (0) 6747 - 123 - 123

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